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2 hour "Get To Know Organized Lovely's Session"

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  •   We will begin with discussing your needs, wants, and goals as you show me your space.
  •   Then we will start de-cluttering an area. You'll be inspired and relieved to see how much we can accomplish in just 2 short hours.

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  Interested in a garage package?

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   Garage Packages

   Basic     1 car $159     2 car $199     3 car $249

   Remove all items form garage floor and place in driveway
   Sweep from ceiling to floor 
   Return items to garage in like by like fashion
   Label containers as needed

  Mid-Range     1 car $199     2 car $249     3 car $299

   Includes Basic plus
   Remove all items from shelves and place in driveway
   Dust all shelves
   Return all items to shelves organized and label as needed

  Supreme      1 car $249     2 car $299     3 car $349

   Includes Basic and Mid-Range plus
   Remove all items from cabinets and closets and place in driveway
   Wipe down shelves with a disinfectant cleaner
   Return items to cabinets and closets organized and label as needed.

   *All packages are for "typical" garages.  Garages more than aproxmatly 50% covered more than 4 foot high are not "typical."  Please be advised in this situation, a huge change in the garage will be made, however all items may not be able to be removed in one package deal.  

   Please contact today for more information.

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