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 recommend this service to everyone! 

Would recommend this service to everyone! Very professional, personable and efficient!  10 of 10 stars!!! 

I have a gift for seeing through the clutter and realizing your home’s true potential. I am not a fan of spending on unnecessary gadgets for organizing, instead believing trying to "over organize" can actually make your space work worse than it currently does.  If you’re ready to get real results for your home and life, Organized Lovely can provide you with a variety of useful solutions!

Organizing is what I love to do!  It’s important to bring fun, acceptance and understanding to every client I work with. Helping women work through their organizing struggles is rewarding on so many levels. I love watching the lightness come back to their spirit as we rework their physical spaces! I appreciate how personal it can be, and the level of trust it can take. Organizing is personal, as no two people relate to their items and their time the same way.  I understand it can sometimes be very hard for people to work through their trouble areas. I am so grateful to be invited to be a part of your transition. 

Bringing the JOY back to your spaces!

enters your home with kindness

She not only makes spaces more orderly and enjoyable to be in, but she herself is a true breath of fresh air. She enters your home with kindness and most important for me - - patience. 

Organized Lovely Professional Organizer

Professional organizer in San Antonio

Professional Home Organizer

I'm Andrea a professional organizer based out of San Antonio, Texas and the owner of Organized Lovely.  I was born and raised mainly in the midwest and have lived in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Georgia. In 2007 my family and I moved to San Antonio. 

Since having children we've relocated 10 times! You can imagine I have quite the skill for keeping order while packing and unpacking after all those moves. When my first son was born I started my journey as a stay at home mom and was thrilled to do that for the next 14 years. After staying home and before starting Organized Lovely I was a nanny then household manager for a wonderful family for 5 years. This is where I was able to really use my skills and grow as an organizer. I oversaw multiple houses, vehicles, schedules of travel, kids and household employees. Maintaining order and making everything run smoothly. I had a wonderful time but was ready for a new challenge!

Now my specialty is helping women and individuals all over South Texas get de-cluttered, organized, simplify and find joy in their lives and homes. It is my passion to help women who have been thru life's twist and turns. Loss of loved ones, illness for you or someone you love, no longer being able to do what you once could, having babies, children moving out, divorce etc.  Weather it’s one big event, or 2 million little ones, things in life just have a way of piling up. I've been there! Let me help you see how removing the clutter from your space frees your mind and makes you lighter and more hopeful for what is next in your life!

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Bringing the JOY back to your spaces!

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Andrea was a pleasure to work with! My garage looks fantastic!